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We really appreciated the insight that the team gave to our communications planning and refined our thinking further in a day’s workshop than we could have over several weeks. The Mavin team helped us to think strategically whilst having fun and cajoling out of us our successful ‘Makes Sense’ campaign.


Mavin have been excellent. They fully understood the brief, kept us informed all the way on their progress and gave us opportunities to tweak it in line with experience. The final report was excellent and helped us focus our efforts.


Andrew has huge experience of crowdfunding and PR – and it shows. He turned around a compelling press release for our kickstarter campaign in less than an hour. He went over and above what we asked for in terms of reaching out to his extensive book of media contacts.


Mavin Communications provided us with a high quality and strategic research project looking at the how we could better use social media alongside traditional press activity. It was a really useful exercise for us and has provided us with some great insight into how we can improve how we reach out to our target audiences to help further build the reputation of our hospital.

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In the modern ages social media has become an absolute necessity for marketing your small business or social enterprise, but with so many new channels of digital influence cropping up it’s hard to know how to really take advantage of it. Leading into our social media workshop on November 24th, here are a few top tips for mastering social media and taking your e-marketing to the next level.

CONGRATS SEUK FINALISTS!Don’t underestimate this step in kickstarting your social media activity. In order to make the most of your channels, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Linked In, you need to know who your audience is and where they hang out. Answering these questions will help you target the right stream at the right time to optimize results.


Even though a certain level of spontaneity is required when it comes to social media, it is always a good idea to develop your creative ideas in advance. To do this, think about how you’re going to get your message across. Will it be visuals, videos, infographics? Plan your creative content ahead. In our session we’ll be providing some great ideas to get you started on this.


On a regular basis try to record your channel updates including the platform, followers, likes, engagements (shares, views, comments) and traffic. This information will help you improve your activity in the future and evaluate which creative content is best for your target audience.

If your small business or social enterprise needs some social media tips, attend our free session here or tweet us @mavincomms to get in touch.